It is our firm resolve that the in the power structured Indian society, which discriminates on the basis of age, gender, class and religion among others, “Girl Children”  happen to lowest on social ladder. We work on the Principles of Best Interest of Children and State Responsibility

The Constitution declares every child as individual rights holder and considerations of family situation should neither guide role of State nor future of children; and we shouldn’t rely on Parents capacity, wisdom and give them absolute right over lives of children. State has a Constitutional Obligation towards protecting and promoting rights of children. Best Interest of Children...


Critical Thinking

iThought believes that the circle of Critical Thinking, Independence of Thought and Action Based on Reasons has to be inculcated, praised and promoted in our children and youth, in their best interest and to curb various evils which have engulfed our social fabric and governance system. 

It is the view of Independent Thought that “Critical Thinking is about allowing every child to have a critical view of their surrounding; it is about having one’s own world view rather than living an imposed life. The environment should allow child to question anything and everything before having to accept. 



Mannthan is a discussion, learning and sharing platform or a Think Tank which attempts to bring together like minded people working on issues of Law, Policy and Governance for Collective Realization of People’s Right with special emphasis on disadvantaged groups and weaker sections including children.

The Think Tank or Mannthan is an open forum where issue based discussions take place. Stakeholders involved in the critical discussions include representatives from NGOs, CBOs, Govt. Departments, Custodians of Juvenile Justice, Lawyers, Journalist, Activists and many others working Collectively for Rights Realization. 

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Dr. Manoj K. Dash

Book released by Dr. Damodar Rout, Minister of Health, Government of Odisha along with Mr. Deepak Arora, CEO, Essar Foundation and Mr. Venkat Rao, CEO, Essar Bulk Terminal Paradip Ltd.

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