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Independent Thought – Publication

Since its inception Independent Thought has focused on various issues dealing with human rights and the law to bridge the areas of theory and practice. We understand the power of knowledge and firmly believe in making information available and accessible to all. Legal literacy and awareness is one of the primary areas of the organization and the same is undertaken via training modules, reports, research, interventions, litigation, strategic planning, monitoring & evaluations, seminars and publication of materials (for more information on our work, do visit the Solutions, Action and Catalyst page)

We provide various resource materials and manuals on human rights and the law including research, consultation, guidance and assessment as well as training services on areas of Law & Development; Rights of Children, Women and Marginalized Communities; Governance Intervention; Social & Legal Studies & Action Research. In our role as a publisher, we publish material intended to stimulate debate and discussion on the aforementioned topics.

Our objective of critical and independent thinking is reflected through the various digests, manuals, books and electronic/digital media that we have published over the years. For more information on the following publications, do contact the head office:

Published Books (ISBN)

  • CSR as Game Changer – Stakeholder Engagement Holds The Key by Dr. Manoj Dash (ISBN 978-81-928280-7-7)
  • Health and Nutrition – A handy guide for parents for child's bright future by Dr. Manoj Dash (ISBN 978-81-928280-0-8)

In-house Publications

  • Independent Thought Law Digest, 2017 : Pornography, Children and Law (ISBN 978-81-928280-6-0)
  • Independent Thought Law Digest, 2016 : Mental Health – Locating Rights of Children (ISBN 978-81-928280-4-6)
  • Independent Thought Law Digest, 2015 : Allowing Child Labour dilutes Children’s Constitutional Right to Education (ISBN 978-81-928280-5-3)
  • Independent Thought Law Digest, 2014 : Marital Rape within Prohibited Child Marriage (ISBN 978-81-928280-3-9)
  • Independent Thought Law Digest, 2013 : Age of Criminal Responsibility (ISBN 978-81-928280-2-2)
  • Independent Thought Law Digest, 2012 : Protection of children from Sexual Offence - Law and its Effectiveness (ISBN 978-81-928280-1-5)

Multimedia and Animation Film

  • Flash Animation for Sewage Workers (for AIILSG)
  • Surakshit Hum – Animation Film on Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act, 2012

Development of IEC (Information, Education and Communication)

  • Booklets (Other agencies)
    • Schemes for Adolescent Boys and Girls in Uttar Pradesh State (for UNICEF)
    • Reference Book on Child Sexual Abuse (for Plan India)
    • Step By Step Guideline for Case Management on POCSO & CSA. (for Plan India)
    • Safe & Unsafe Touch Guide (for Plan India)
    • Printed and Designed IEC Book Series of 5 Books (for Plan India)
    • Training Manual for CSO workers and other village level functionaries (for Plan India)
    • Booklet cum training manual on Child Protection Policy (CPP) (for ChildFund)
    • Manual on Programme Guidelines (for ChildFund)
  • Posters on Rights and Law
    • Prevention Of Sexual Harassment (POSH) Poster (for UNICEF)
    • Poster on Bullying the Child (for ChildFund)
    • Poster for Children (for ChildFund)
    • Poster for Adults (Do’s and Don’ts vis-à-vis Children)
    • Child Marriage (for UNICEF)
    • Child Labour (for UNICEF)
    • Roles of Child Welfare Committee (CWC)


Independent Thought encourages students, professionals and activists to use these resources for their research or reference. iThought's original work among these are placed in the public domain and maybe used freely for non-commercial work.

We promote and provide a platform for writers on human rights and social issues through our publications and create catalysts of change. To give impetus to this objective, iThought calls upon writers (experienced as well as new) who wish to share their independent views and research on the wide variety of human rights issues. Writers as well as Publishers interested in collaboration can get in touch with us on for further details under the Subject 'Publication Proposal' or can call our head office.